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Benefits of using a local employment agency

For busy companies, recruitment issues can take up a lot of valuable time which would be more usefully spent on running the business, which makes the benefits of using a local employment agency self-evident. But these benefits go far beyond just the time-saving advantages. We have an extensive database of candidates actively looking for work in Hertfordshire, Essex, London.

For temporary positions:

An agency has access to many skilled workers

When people are looking for casual or temporary work, their first port of call will invariably be their local employment agency because they know it will be able to offer a wide range of work in the area. So all you need to do to get access to as many workers as you need is to make one phone call to your local agency.

Workers will be available at short notice

Often companies need people at short notice – usually to cover for staff who have called in sick that morning. An agency will have access to a pool of candidates who will be available immediately and will therefore be able to find someone to fill the gap and prevent a backlog.

If you’re running an evening event and need casual staff to help out, there is a possibility that some people will cancel at the last minute. A local agency will have enough people on its books to be able to find replacements willing to step in at the last minute.

The employment agency will do all the background checks

For some jobs, especially ones in the care sector, background checks are an absolute requirement. However, it does take time to screen candidates and even if you desperately need someone to work straightaway, you’ll still have to wait till their background checks are complete. As temporary staff are employed by the recruitment agency, they will already have been checked and approved to work, so can start immediately.

Flexibility in terms of having staff when you need them, but not when you don’t

If your business is seasonal, there will be times of the year when you need more staff, so it makes better business sense to use temporary workers at busy periods, and only have to pay wages when the company is bringing money in. Going through your local recruitment agency is the best, and most cost-effective, way of achieving this.

For permanent positions:

A specialist recruitment agency will have a pool of good candidates

Agencies specialising in employment fields will attract good candidates. Rather than wait for positions to be advertised, many people will sign up with a specialist agency when they begin their job search because they know the agency will get in touch with them when suitable vacancies arise.

A specialist recruitment agency will be aware of promising candidates who may not be actively job hunting

Recruitment agencies are very good at remembering what happened to great candidates. Even if a candidate hasn’t been in touch with them for a while, they’ll get in touch with potential candidates they know would be a perfect match for your vacancy to find out if their circumstances have changed.

Your vacancy may attract hundreds of applicants – you will only see the most suitable ones

A good job vacancy will attract a lot of applicants – sometimes hundreds of them! Why take valuable time away from doing your job to look through them when an agency will do that for you and present you with a shortlist of the most suitable ones.

If you’re looking for temporary or permanent staff experienced in the catering, healthcare or industrial fields in the North London and South Hertfordshire areas, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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