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How to create a great team ethos in your care home?

Developing teamwork in the commercial world has become a business in its own right. Large companies spend thousands of pounds on consultation, training and away days in order to develop teams that work better and more efficiently together. In the public sector, budgets are a lot smaller, but there’s no reason why you can’t use what’s worked for others and adapt it in order to create a great team ethos in your care home.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of articles published online in which experienced managers and consultants offer practical advice about creating a great team. Their advice is essentially free, so we’ve pulled together a summary of some of the most interesting ones that you could adapt for your care home.

Developing employees’ strengths boosts sales, profit and engagement

After studying thousands of business teams, leaders and managers for well over 50 years, the international analyst group Gallup came to the conclusion that an organisation will be more successful when it develops what’s right with people rather than trying to change what’s wrong with them. When it comes to teamwork, the author advises managers to build teams around the talents of individuals, assigning responsibilities based on what comes naturally to each team member.

How to build effective teams in healthcare

Two healthcare professionals from the South Tees Hospitals Foundation Trust have published their own strategy on team building. Their definition of a good team is elegantly simple: “In healthcare, good team building is where all team members understand, believe in and work towards the shared purpose of caring and working for residents.”

They advocate a continuous approach to teamwork to ensure everyone communicates, works to their strengths, works towards the same goals and there is a climate of openness and trust.

Promoting positive culture in care homes

This research briefing from the My Home Life programme – an organisation which promotes the quality of life for those living and working in care homes – looks at how to build a positive culture for care home staff, which will have the knock-on effect of also creating a positive culture for the residents. If the staff are well-trained and motivate, residents will benefit greatly. “Team performance will impact on quality of life of residents, and resident and staff well-being are interdependent.”


ACAS provides free and impartial advice about fostering success through good workplace practices. They have published a guide to fostering good team working through the successful management of people.

If you are looking for new or additional members for your residential care home team in Hertfordshire, Essex or London, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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