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Students make great team players

Why students make great team players

During their time at university, graduates will have gained many useful life skills that will ultimately stand them in good stead in the job market, not least of which is their ability to make great team players.

Communication skills

Communicators are people who are good listeners, will understand instructions, know how to put their point across without being aggressive, and learn from constructive criticism. These are all skills that graduates will have used every day as part of their degree.


Many years ago, the joke was that university students barely saw the inside of a lecture theatre, but these days showing up for lectures, tutorials and seminars is an integral part of getting the great degree that students crave. They also have a very healthy respect for deadlines!


By necessity, most students will have worked their way through college so they’ll come with a lot of experience of team work already under their belt. It’s also likely that their part-time jobs will have been working on the ‘shop floor’, giving them plenty of experience on the bottom rung of the career ladder, so they’ll have a better understanding of how teams work together effectively.  

Multi-tasking and flexibility

In the workplace, being able to work solely on one project is an unusual luxury. Most people will have more than one client and a good team player will be able to mentally switch from one client or project to another without missing a beat. Students will have honed this ability not only through their university work, but also through balancing their studies and part-time jobs.


A good team member is someone who can commit themselves to a task, and are motivated to not only get the job done but also to do their best. After three or four years of study, they’ve already proved they’re prepared to commit themselves to a project and see it through to the end.

Being proactive

Good team players will take the initiative and make things happen. As a result of their university studies, they’re used to speaking up and taking on extra tasks which prove them to be not only good team players, but also potential leaders of the future.

If you need graduates with great team skills for jobs in industry, healthcare or catering in Hertfordshire, London and Essex, contact us now.

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