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How to write a top-class job brief for your employment agency?

When you’re writing a  job brief about a vacancy you’ve asked a recruitment agency to help fill, the more detailed it is, the more likely it is that the agency will be able to supply the right candidate. So to help you write a top-class job brief for your employment agency, here’s our article on writing an effective job specification!

What should the job role brief include?

Your job brief should give the recruitment agency enough detailed information to enable them to find the candidate with the best skills and personality to be a good fit. It needs to be as clear, concise, informative, and honest as possible. You need to say a little bit about your company, including any relevant information that isn’t on the company website, as well as details about the position available and a bit about who your ideal candidate is.

About your company:

  • Who you are – your products or services, size, number of branches and where they are etc.
  • Your brand ‘personality’ – your brand’s personality will attract like-minded candidates, so if your workplace is a quiet, highly professional organisation with strict rules, you’ll be wasting everyone’s time if you don’t say so and the agency sends over people looking for a more relaxed environment.
  • What your USP is – why do your clients/customers prefer to buy from you?
  • Why you differ from the competition – what sets you apart from other companies in similar fields?

About the job (i.e. information that’ll attract the best candidates):

  • Detailed job description.
  • Salary.
  • Is this a new position?
  • Information about the team the candidate will be working with.
  • How the vacancy fits into your internal hierarchy; who will the candidate report to?
  • Annual leave allowance.

About the candidate:

  • ‘Must have’ skills and experience – don’t leave anything out. If you need someone who has a specific skill set or experience of working on a particular computer system, say so. You should also make it clear if it’s a deal-breaker if they don’t have this skill or experience in order to prevent the agency putting candidates forward who are suitable in every other respect except that one.
  • ‘Would like to have’ skills and experience – list your preferences in order of importance, with the most important at the top.

Basically, the more information you can brief your recruitment agency with, the more likely it will be that they can source the perfect candidate for you!

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